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Frequently asked questions

What are the system requirements for AutoPod?

If your computer can run Adobe Premiere Pro you should be good. You need Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 or a later version of Premiere 2022.

How do I install AutoPod?

After downloading the installer, simply run the installer file.  Once completed, close and re-open Adobe Premiere.  Open a project file, do not just stay on the landing page. Navigate up top to Window -> Extensions and click on the desired AutoPod app.

How does AutoPod Multi-Camera Editor work?

AutoPod Multi-Camera Editor is based on thousands of hours of podcast footage to edit a podcast similar to a conventional human editor.  It takes into account who is speaking, the camera layout, and typical editing conventions.

Does each AutoPod license only work on one computer?

Yes, each license is only allowed to be used with one computer. Whatever machine the key is first activated on will be the machine used. If you need to switch computers you can do so at

Will AutoPod Multi-Camera work for my camera set-up?

AutoPod works for any common camera layout. Current release supports up to 10 speakers with any combination of single shots, two shots, three shots, and wide shots.

Can I use the Multi-Camera Editor with a single audio source?

No, AutoPod is designed for multiple cameras and multiple unique audio tracks.  It needs separate audio tracks to properly make the editing decisions.

Can I use the Multi-Camera Editor with a single speaker?

No, AutoPod is designed for multiple cameras and multiple unique audio tracks.

Is there enterprise pricing available?

There is not enterprise pricing but you could buy multiple keys from the same email.

 Is the software available for other editing software such as DaVinci or Final Cut Pro?

Currently AutoPod is released for only Adobe Premiere Pro. There might be future enhancements that include other editing software, but there is no timeline.

Automate production today.

AutoPod is designed by editors for editors to automate a lot of the processes you don't want to do